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2018-04-25 USA

Privacy Policy (Status 01.06.2008)

We are pleased about your interest in our homepage and our company. SOMNOmedics takes the protection of your personal data seriously and keeps strictly to the rules of the data protection act. Personal data are only raised within the technical necessary scope on this web page. The upraised data are not sold or transmitted to third parties in any case.

The following declaration should give you an overview about how we intend to treat your personal information and which kind of data are raised for which purpose.

Data collection and processing

Each access and data recall on our homepage is logged. The storage serves internal system related and statistical purposes. Personal data like name, address and email, are only collected, if you give them voluntarily, for example in the case of an enquiry, registration, writing emails, in the context of a purchase order or your requirement of material. In general, however, you can visit our site without divulging any personal information.

Data security

Where personal information is collected, SOMNOmedics will make every reasonable effort to keep that information secure. We protect your personal data against unauthorised access, use or publication. We take care that your personal information stored on our server, are in a controlled safe environment, where unauthorised access and publication is prevented.

Data use and transfer

SOMNOmedics does not transmit your personal data to third parties, except to fulfil business obligations or if you have agreed to before. The transmitted data are limited on its necessary minimum. As far as SOMNOmedics is obliged, however, legally or by court order, we only transmit your data to information-entitled state institutions and authorities.

Right of revocation

You have the right to opt-out your given consent at any time. The deletion of the stored personal data takes place, if you recall your consent to storage. Feel free to contact us by email: info(at)somnomedics(dot)de.

Right to change these regulations

SOMNOmedics reserves the right to change parts of the sides or the entire offer without separate announcement. This is also valid for the safety and data protection arrangements, as far as this is necessary because of technical development. In these cases we also will accordingly adapt our references to the data protection. We encourage you to review the latest version of this privacy policy whenever you visit our site and make sure you understand how we use the information we collect.

Right of information

You have the right of getting information about the data stored concerning your person, their origin and receiver as well as the purpose of the data processing at any time. You can request information about the stored data under info(at)somnomedics(dot)de.

Further information

Your confidence is important for us. For any question regarding processing of your personal data do not hesitate to contact us at any time. If you have any questions concerning to this data protection declaration or if you wish more information to any item, feel free to send an email at: info(at)somnomedics(dot)de