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2018-09-19 USA

Our Milestones & Development


  • Company Foundation of SOMNOmedics in Kist


  • Distribution of sleep diagnostic (Grass Telefaktor, IM-Systems)
  • Launch of the SOMNOscreen™ PSG - 28 Channel PSG with Wireless Data Transfer, digital Synchronised and Wireless Video
  • New patented Analysis Parameters:
    • Obstruction level based on Phase Angle Analysis
    • Continuous systolic Blood Pressure Measurement based on PTT Analysis


  • Release of different Options such as Capnography, EDA (electro dermal activity), pH, Oesophageal Pressure and NPT (Nocturnal Penile Tumescence)


  • Launch of the SOMNOscreen™ EEG 10-20 - 45 Channel EEG/PSG incl. Photo Stimulation
  • Installation of the 400th SOMNOscreen™


  • Foundation of SOMNOmedics Italia and SOMNOmedics AT Medizintechnik GmbH
  • Launch of the SOMNOwatch™ - miniaturised Aktometer with Options for Flow, EEG, ECG and Movement Analysis


  • Foundation of SOMNOmedics America
  • Relocation in the new Company Building in Randersacker
  • FDA Approval for SOMNOscreen™ and SOMNOscreen™ EEG 10-20
  • Certification for Canada, Taiwan and Russia
  • Launch of the SOMNOscreen™ plus - with digital Headbox - complies with AASM criteria
  • Installation of the 1000th SOMNOscreen™


  • Release Software for New AASM Standards
  • Foundation of SOMNOmedics Office Middle East and SOMNOmedics Office China
  • Installation of the 1600th SOMNOscreen™
  • Distribution in more than 40 Countries worldwide
  • Launch of the SOMNOwatch™ plus - miniaturised 8 Channel Recorder


  • Launch of SOMNOwatchTM plus:
  • SOMNOwatchTplus BP: Long-Term Blood Pressure Recording using the PTT, continouos, non-reactive, non-invasive
  • SOMNOwatchTM plus R&K: Sleep Staging according to Rechtschaffen und Kales


  • Launch of the 32-Channel-Headbox for SOMNOscreenTM - small and portable Long-Term-EEG devicde with real-time wireless data transfer
  • SOMNOwatchTM plus EEG6 - smallest Long-Term-EEG-Recorder with continouos impedance recording
  • SOMNOwatchTM plus TEMP - Long-Term in-ear measurement of temperature for determination of the circadian rhythm


  • SOMNOwatch™ plus LED: Continuous Display of Blood Pressure, Actigraphy, Heart Rate, PLM, Sleep and respiratory Events
  • Complete equipment of Germanys biggest Sleep Lab
    with SOMNOscreens (34 systems parallel)


  • SOMNOscreen plus BT: wireless built-in data transmitter, online signal check in real-time


  • Stationary Headbox for neurological applications


  • 15th anniversary of SOMNOmedics headquarters
  • FDA approval and launch of the SOMNOtouch™ RESP in the USA


  • SOMNOscreen HD™: Polysomnography in HD